Sunday, February 07, 2010



So my shoes finally came in...WHOA!!!!!!! I am so excited...they fit like a glove and the lt. grey smooth suede is so SCRUMPTOUS!!! Just take it all in, I had to : )

Thursday, February 04, 2010

So, this is a small preview of what I doooooo...this is the necklace style that get it all started... The 'Signature' necklace. I named it the 'Signature' because when your running around the house trying to match a something to your dress or dark wash jeans and fitted black blazer (normally how I wear it...heeheehee) having this necklace will make getting ready ridiculously easy!!!

Just email me the colors you want in the necklace...the color chain(gold, silver, black, steel gray)...and i'll take it from there : ) EASY ENOUGH HUH?

Oh and their super affordable...$25each now thats a deal(if i do say so myself lol)


Dont mind if I do... new to this whole "BLOG" scene hahaha : ) I know I know im late, but like i always say "Better late than Never"

Well heres a little about myself...I LOVE being unique...and DIY(lol) So, I started making neacklaces for my own accessory collection (grantd i shop for accessories too but theres nothing like wearing something that you made with your own two hands...anyway little did I know it would get so many fans (YAY!!!!) Soon I was making special designed necklaces for my girlfriends...they would wear them too work and my audience began to grow (YAY!!!again) I had an idea one morning laying in bed (knowing I was going to the city that night...oh another thing about me Im always prepared, gotta have a set outfit, with 2back-up outfits just in case heeheehee thats just me) Anyway...I thought to myself I can make money off my God given talent. WHY NOT!!! lol so...RockKandi was born.

Now dont prejudge my blog before reading it...It's not just about any other girly thing that guys say we ONLY think about hahahaha

My daily life...
*God *fashion *music *laughter(does the heart good like a medicine)

"Dont worry..."(words of encourgement from mom since age of 8) LOVE HER

uniquely yours...Candy